Project: Senopia

So I had an idea to create a planet where all of my characters can live in. Of course this will be a very long and ongoing process.

The world will be based off existing countries, places that once were and futuristic lands.

Seldom are good stories written by luck but I'm going to try compile it in an impromptu manner with this anyway, just for the fun of it.

What I'm expecting to gain out of doing this is a wider general knowledge about different lands, culture and people. If I can capture that, I will become more versatile which I think is quite important as an artist.

This will also push me to try out all the different possibilities of  background drawings and character concepts. So that in future, I can be prepared to produce any kind of drawings.

 I'll call this planet "Senopia," a planet vastly blanketed by a healthy ocean.

The giant skull-like land right in the middle of the map was unintentional but it looks pretty cool, doesn't it?
The Senopia will be labeled as I progress and link the necessary characters and background drawings when they are completed.

Sorted by ascending alphabetical order of location name followed by the characters that can be found there.

Entrovilla: Land of the Corrupted Souls. 
- Lashtu
- Vaelisa
Engelbæk: Powerhouse Nation
- Leah
Esthael: Forest of the Woodland Faeries.
- Xylia
Hades: Cemetery for Kings.
- Rien
Rosaneous Kingdom: Garden of the Gods
- Zimena & Nadia 
Thirecra: Highway of Artificial Life.
- Ambrosine Prototype
- Eleanora Type B
West Kennessie Cross: Bay of Outlaws.
- Sera

Confirmed locations needing characters:
Arkstera Hall: Meeting Hall of Noble Warriors.
Emphyria: Island of Celestial Beasts.
Fablewind Island: Floating Paradise of Happy Endings.
Hell's Gate: Underground City.
Ludosanct: Island of Free Spirit.
Skylight: City that Never Sleeps.
Thei'thus Crater: Crash Site of Astronomical Beings.
Ultima Thule: Island Closest to Heaven.

Character and land suggestions are most welcome!

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  1. This is so similar to what I've done with my "main story" in which I've attempted to shove all of my characters/stories into one universe.